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Diatelium wallacei

Diatelium wallacei

Leaf-footed Bug . Nymph in Guyana . Amazonian  (Diactor bilenatus)

Can't help gawking at my shapely leaf-like legs, can you? - The Leaf-footed Bug (Diactor bilineatus) inhabits rainforests in which PATH to FREEDOM: My Story of Perseverance is partially set.

Insane Pics: Insane Insect Pictures!

Blue And Red Grasshopper; I don't like bugs, but man, is this cool.

Sun lover  Cockroaches aren't usually associated with sunbaking, however cockroaches in the genus Elipsidion are renowned for basking in the sun during the day. They are spectacular cockroaches with vivid markings, some even have transparent window-like areas in the pronotum.

Cockroach genus- Elipsidion Image: Alan Henderson via Minibeast Wildlife - Even cockroaches can be beautiful!

The Bugs  Rizalman Kasman™ Photography, via Flickr

©Rizalman Kasman’s Photography™ Subject : The human-face bug - Mating season Location : UK Farm Gadget : Canon EOS / Rebel / Kiss Sigma DC Macro OS @

Very sexy grasshopper wearing his bettlejuice outfit.J.Froelicher

Very sexy grasshopper wearing his bettlejuice outfit.