Moon Goddess and Priestess

Ushba by Vesea Ushba is a mountain in Kaukasus, her name can be translated as "Witches' sabbath". Every year alpinists die there, this mountain with two horns is very dangerous.

Persephone in her bright side

Leshy or Lesovik is a spirit in Slavic mythology who protects wild animals and forests. Western Europe and the Basajaun of the Basque Country. Mass migration of animals supposedly happens at Leshy's instruction.

"Clothed in the skin of a priest, I hurried toward light bearing the light within. Toward the unknown world I bore the world I had known. The came the floods, the wind storm and the fire, and the solid earth shook itself into a thousand pieces. All I thought was mine was driven from me. I entered darkness. I entered stone. Naked. I entered truth." ~Entering Truth, Awakening Osiris, Normandi Ellis

Tarot Card of the Week: The High Priestess · This week’s card — in honor of Tuesday’s New Moon at Libra — is the High Priestess card, this version from Anna Klaffinger’s gorgeous Anna K.

Diana, goddess of the hunt and the moon.  Artist unknown.

Visit the Ancient world of the Roman goddess Diana. Discover fascinating information about Diana the Roman goddess of qqqq. The legends and mythology about the Diana the Roman goddess of qqqq.