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Shade Garden Idea: Tapestry of hostas, heuchera, fern, and creeping jenny? - Three Dogs in a Garden: Shades of Grey in the Garden -

Create a low maintenance flower bed that will thrive in the shade!

Create A Perennial Flower Bed for the Shade

Flowers for a shade garden; from left to right: 1. bergenia 2. hellebore 3. chinese ground orchid 4. heuchera 5. epimedium 6. dead nettle 7. solomons seal 8. trillium 9. ladys slipper 10. bunchberry 11. checkered lily 12. pulmonaria

loft & cottage: unique plants for a shade garden--from left to right: bergenia hellebore chinese ground orchid heuchera epimedium dead nettle solomon's seal trillium lady's slipper bunchberry checkered lily pulmonaria

Shade Garden Plants

25 Plants to Brighten Your Shade Garden

Shade Garden Plants: Sweet Woodruff Cotton Candy Grass Bigroot Geranium Impatiens Fuschia Coral Bells Coleus Catnip White Queen Caladium Lobelia Feverfew Bleeding Heart Toad Lily Meadowsweet Miss Indigo Primrose Astilbe Pulmonaria (Lungwort) Yellow Coryda

Best Flowering Shade Plants

10 Best Flowering Shade Plants

Varjopuutarha kukat varjoon Best Flowering Shade Plants, a wide varitie of gorgeous flowers that bring color to the shady part of your garden. Some are dual purpose and can grow in sun as well.

Wire frame around tree is invisible lollipop5 great gardening ideas

Clematis growing on a wire frame around the tree. Great idea to add some color to the bottom of your trees! Just wrap feet of chicken wire around the tree trunk!

Colorful Shade Container Garden

Cordyline 1 – 6 inch New Guinea Impatiens 1 – 6 inch Caladium 1 – 4 inch coleus 2 – 4 inch Variegated Vinca vine 2 – 4 inch Wishbone flower 1 – 32 inch wide container


Spring Planting & Garden Envy….

Front yard landscaping for next summer. ashleyryen Front yard landscaping for next summer. Front yard landscaping for next summer.

Colorful Flowers That Grow in Shade

Colorful Flowers That Grow in Shade -

Different types of Hosta by shauna

Hostas are one of the most popular and versatile perennial plants you can have in your shade garden. As foliage plants, they offer an unmatched range of patterns, colors, and sizes and their leaves. Here are some tips for buying and growing hostas.

How to get more hydrangea flowers

How to Get More Hydrangea Flowers

choosing hydrangeas for your garden: cold-climate hydrangea (hydrangea arborescens) / snowball hydrangea - part shade / not drought-tolerant / 'annabelle' / 'white dome'

*A path to walk. What my path will look like someday... ~ ! ~

Stunning Shade Garden Design Ideas

Use Flowering Shrubs to pack your shady spots with color, texture, and height. Here, a variety of azaleas and rhododendrons provide a big spring punch, and their evergreen foliage keeps the garden looking good in winter.