I can't speak on how much I love this..

pierrot-rot: Anita Berber by Karl Lagerfeld, Vogue Germany October 2009

Butterfly mask makeup,I love it.And I also want to add some jewelry,like necklace or bracelets,that would be great.Log into www.aekk.com to find more with great discounts.I canit wait to get one.

love these butterflies and the half face - Butterfly mask & Make-up but covered in Gryphons/birds/lions

With the right lipstick-I guess any half mask could cover identity more...

Goddess behind The Mask. 65+ mysterious eyes

Aaah, seriously, this took me like 3 hours of hard work, and I tell you, the flower and the mask was a total pain in the ass! Lady with mask

Awesome wicked stepmother snow white gothic costume photo fashion rainha

Fantasy Leather crown Dark Queen by Aetherwerk on Etsy. Looks like the queen from Snow White and the Huntsman