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Making+an+Atom+Model | Electron microscopic structure of an animal cell

Functions of the Cell! Movement (muscle cells) Conductivity (nerve cells) Metabolic absorption (kidney and intestinal cells) Secretion (mucous gland cells) Excretion (all cells) Respiration (all cells) Reproduction (all cells)

Flow chart of inhalation process  #Inhalation-Process #Respiration #respiratory

How does the Respiratory System Work?

This post is important as it shows a simple yet effective flow chart of how the respiratory system works. This flow chart can be used to teach younger classrooms how the respiratory system works.

Heart Blood Flow Path | ... blood passes through the heart twice for the body to be supplied once

Heart Blood Flow Path chart not only shows where blood goes after it leaves the heart it names the organs structures on the path back to the heart.


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cardiac for nursing students | Nursing School: Medical Surgical Nursing Mnemonics

Nursing School: Medical Surgical Nursing Mnemonics -- blood flow through the valves