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Gears - Math in Context

Gears - Math in Context

Repurposed - Clock into Kinetic Wall Art

Repurposed - Clock Into Kinetic Wall Art

In this instructable we'll convert an inexpensive clock into wall art with a subtly changing moire effect. I'm expecting the MoMA to call any second.

How can gears do wildly complex math? Wonder no more. ​

This 1953 Film Perfectly Explains How Mechanical Computers Worked Before We Had Microchips

This 1953 Film Perfectly Explains How Mechanical Computers Worked

gears - Google Search

"Wooden gear pattern 2283 by B. Co " Origin: USA Material: Wood Size: mm Geararium. Museum of gears & toothed wheels

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Image result for Cycloidal Gears

Image result for Cycloidal Gears

Triangular gear 1 - YouTube

An input pink gear, rotating around fixed axis, engeges with a gear of triagular shape. The latter has revolution joint with blue output crank. The crank osc.

Cutting Wood Gear & Clock Wheel Teeth - YouTube

Most people think of gears as big pieces of metal, but for a long time gears were mostly wooden affairs. In this video you& learn how to make small wooden gears that you can use in all sorts of complicated machinery oriented woodworking projects.

Gear and linkage mechanism 9b - YouTube

The mechanism is symmetric in term of dimension and assembly conditions so transverse force applied to the slider is limited. The pink conrods can be directl.

Gears and Movements Museum of Science and Industry.m4v - YouTube

I just shot this video when I was in Chicago at the Museum of Science and Industry. As a kid I would seek out the "Green" stairwell where these gears and mov.

extra_02.jpg (400×400)

extra_02.jpg (400×400)