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dragon    Serendipity by Jesus and Javier Carmona,  Madrid, Spain

It's Purple and it's a Dragon. the only thing that could make it better is if it was Real and Mine.

Firnen by TatianaMakeeva This is very much like Rollm, the young dragon protégé of Sedgewick, very much like a younger Gralen.

Strong Dominates Weak temporary tattoo

Circling Dragon

Aprende a dibujar dragones!

How to Draw Dragons . this always looks easier then it is. but maybe one day ill actually sit down and try it, but so far my way of drawing a dragon seems more legit.

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Brigida The Foul. She was one of the rare White Dragonwitches and feared—for good reason—throughout the Southlands and beyond. Everyone, even the Cadwaladrs, kept waiting for her to die . but she simply wouldn’t. (A Tale of Two Dragons)