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I'm an observer of arguments on many occasions, and i really CAN'T help making this face as the shit hits the fan.

iPhone trick... I almost wish I still had exams that would require a calculator

I need to do this but then I would have to explain why I need my calculator out during a history exam.very clever though

The Short and the Sweet of It: F*ck! I'm in my Twenties

"every time I use the word "LIKE" as a filler, I hate myself a little bit more." I can't "LIKE" stop laughing!

Reaching my toes is a HUGE accomplishment

Funny pictures about Most girls stretching. Oh, and cool pics about Most girls stretching. Also, Most girls stretching.

Omg Foooooooooood

Women belong in the kitchen. Men belong in the kitchen. Everyone belongs in the kitchen. Kitchen has food! Kitchen also has bacon in the words of my brother in law.

How many is Brazilian?

History according to Tumblr (18 Photos)

Funny pictures about George Bush Stories Never Get Old. Oh, and cool pics about George Bush Stories Never Get Old. Also, George Bush Stories Never Get Old photos.

Lol true tho this Easter I seriously shoved my brother out of the way

Have fun with Easter baskets and some Humorous Easter quotes right here