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There once was a man named Andrew Biersack... He was so sexy that everyone died.

Andy Biersack, Lead vocalist of the Black Veiled Brides. A beautiful Gothic themed image of him. (Image is mirrored)

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Black Veil Brides funny xD it's actually funny because I accidently was listening to justin Bieber my mistake so I look at the that was playing saw it was justin Bieber and then I pretty much puked in my mouth paused the song and put throne from bmth on loud to get the sound of his voice out of my head 'cause ot is disgusting and it has no meaning

Black Veil Brides funny xD>>>ewwwww,Justin, why?no, I never listen to Justin, I don't want my ears to bleed!

Pinterest: @itslilyy12

Pinterest: @itslilyy12

This... Is..... Beautiful... I have fallen for my fallen angel

Andy biersack look alike.They say on average that there's 7 people in the world that look like. Well i think that we just found another Andy! Wait this isn't Andy?

Andy Batman

Warped Tour Black Veil Brides the band and him are just so perfect their music is amazing and this picture Andy is still perfect even if he is wearing batman

Happy birthday, Andy. You are such an inspiration to all who love you, and are incredibly talented and kind. Never stop being you and don't let the muggles get you down.

((Openrp/Andy)) yeah that's right I'm getting married I purposed to her in London and im very happy

°˖✧ xoxo, vivalaharleyq ✧˖°

°˖✧ xoxo, vivalaharleyq ✧˖°