Knife Blade Types, Selecting a knife for bushcraft

Selecting a Knife for Bushcraft and Wilderness Use

Beebe Knives offers a large selection of handmade fixed blade working knives by custom knifemaker, Paul Beebe, with hollow or flat grinds, as well as hand made sheaths.

Are you lucky if you can tell the sharp side of the knife from the dull one? Well, pay attention because Blind Horse Knives is about to drop some knowledge on you. They have an entire page on their…

Blind Horse Knives explains the different grinds for a knife and how to choose the right one. Explains hollow, flat, saber, scandi, and convex.

Rotating Knife Vise

This is my finishing vise that I designed and built based on one I saw in a supply catalog. It is a very useful tool, and I like the design modifications I made to it.

A free to use collection of of knife patterns (templates) in printable PDF format. Print a PDF and transfer it to wood, polycarbonate or steel to make your pattern.