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Handmade clay plain tiles to veranda roof with oak framed dormer.

Contemporary oak homes, barn-style timber framed buildings, traditional, modern styles & Passiv Haus.

Not my usual style, but so beautifully done. "Oak framed with brick plinths"

Oak Porch - Sawn Green Oak. Would really like a porch on the front of our house. love the look, would also be a good pattern for a carport to match the front door .

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Dormer window- verticle window protruding through sloping roof. gable dormer if it has its own gable or a shed dormer if a flat room.

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Gable Dormer - Gabled dormers have a dormer roof. In the century gable dormers were typical.

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Dormer Types

dormer windows, they are classified as windows set into, or projecting from, a pitched roof. Dormers can help convert an attic or loft into a living space by adding natural light and extra head room.

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One of the main reasons to add a dormer to a house is to bring light into the attic or living space that's tucked under the roof. This is why dormers always feature one or more windows.

Glass Gable Fixed Windows - opens up the entry

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