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US Sans x Paps by Kaweii

Read sorry I love this pic xD from the story Ask/dare Underswap by --THE--GREAT--SANS-- (smol sinberry) with 234 reads. He's acctually quite adorable tibia hon.

undertale, sans, papyrus, gaster

undertale, sans, papyrus, gaster<< idk looks like a fabulously drawn picture. I can't even draw that well

Underswap sans

-I serriously love these fanarts XD, did you know that the word fanart become fart if we take away the na from the word, Nevermind XD, How is your day going?

Babybones by GolzyBlazey on DeviantArt

S Suddenly realise i forgot to draw papyrus' scarf around his neck. gonna fix it to next page, where the heck the scarf goes?- Haha this comic .


Read Blueberry Sans from the story (Undertale) Sans Au Pictures by Horror__Sans (Horror Sans) with 175 reads.

Papyrus and Sans - comic

Papyrus you precious little muffin you deserve BETTER because you are cool and amazing and did I mention cool?