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Hetalia (ヘタリア) - England/The United Kingdom (イギリス)
Pixiv Id 3477191, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Pokémon, Pikachu, Sexy Waiter, Flying Mint Bunny
Prussia's Rolling.... LIKE A BOSS!
Hetalia / Doctor Who ~~ England, you fanboy.
El Dorado Hetalia crossover<<<Are we gonna ignore fruk or-:
Those cheeks so chibi
THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING - though this is hilarious, I still like that the hetalia revolutionary war gave a reasonable side to both America and England. A lot of times in the US you just get this version, which kinda warps your mind. Hetalia honestly gave me a sense of culture and made me think of what it would be like in someone else's shoes. For England, it did probably feel like this place he started and helped and supported was betraying him while America must have felt very left out.
Magical iggy
Good god this adorable pic