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Just got hit in the feels . // only thing that has change ~ hiccup.

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How to Train your Dragon Love this film. "You guys lost a dragon? A REAL full sized dragon?"-C --> Hiccup.

what episode is this from??? please help!!!!

Snoggletog event : 2 / 3 Here we go! Guess what Hiccup's present is to get the chance to win a shoutout + an edit of your choice!

Feather/Heatherlegs gets a WHOLE lot more interesting when sleep-deprived. lol XD

This is one of my favorite episodes . Did anyone else notice that ruff and tuff are pretty much the same?

No one can persuade Astrid, even Hiccup, once she has her mind set XD

This is me with my boyfriend hiccup would represent my boyfriend