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If you're looking for the perfect popcorn GIF for your next chain email, this is a collection of animated gifs of people lying back and enjoying the show. These animated images are used on forums and comment threads all over the Internet to express your general interest in what is about to be a "show."

The Best Popcorn .GIFs on the Internet

giphy: 10 Replacements for the ‘Michael Jackson Eating Popcorn’ GIF Michael Jackson eating popcorn has been a staple GIF for years.

Ako sa naučiť meditovať | Never say never

Did no one ever have the guts to tell him to tone it down? You're too damn fine!

Michael Jackson gif doing the famous RTT dance :)

This has literally got to be my most favourite moment in the entire RTT music video! Michael always awed me with his lithe dance moves and agility ♡