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Why is this a teenager quote? It should be a nerd quote. Like how you became fan of the Legend of Zelda, but you can't find any other fangirl who likes it too, and you just want to talk about it all the time? Well no.

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Rowena hobbs read this now!


That girl is probably me. Not even gonna lie. But I'm not one of those preppy > I know a girl like that except she has no friends

My friend just told me that I was in one of her dreams when we were both like 8, and I was like "why didn't you tell me this!!!!"

Yes, I wonder if the people that I have dreams about have dreams about me.When I tell the people they usually tell me about their latest dream about me!

A note to all teachers

If I were a teacher, I would try to figure out what had a crush on who, and I would make sure they were always paired up. Awwwwwwww that would be a sweet teacher, i plan on being a teacher

One of my favorite things about going to bed


Either doing this, or thinking about my life. Or writing fanfiction. Or thinking about fictional characters. Or mentally fangirling.

"Silently breaking down on  your head"

Happens all the time :( but sometimes when I wake up I will wake up in the middle of a good dream and when I fall back asleep the next day it's a continuation :)

Search - Google+ http://www.improveyourenglisch.com

Search - Google+ http://www.improveyourenglisch.com


Infinite amount of the people on internet mom!

yeh dont worry i do it and I KNOW IM NOT THE ONLY ONE :) see what i did there? (song by sam smith?)

Teenager Post # 30923 - I do this all the time!

It's a horrible moment

Haha, so true! I totally do this! Why is it I only feel like coughing up a lung during an exam.

But seriously! I get full of even some of my favorite foods, and still have room for dessert. I'm sure there is a chamber in my stomach that is reserved for sweet stuff.

Teenagers Related Posts, god yes, teens always seem to have room for a large, fat piece of cake with sprinkles and yummy icing :D <<so true! But they said desert instead of dessert.

Teenager Post. People just don't get me when I do that

This has happened multiple times.

"No my friend wants to ask you something!"

You gotta love your Bff! I so this to my BFF all the time!

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mae misses H on

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This is strangely motivating - Funny tumblr post

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This is strangely motivating