Keep calm and push 4 8 15 16 23 42

Push the button. Don't push the button. Bad. - smaller ghost Walt

keep calm and 4 8 15 16 23 42

Hehehe whenever I tell people to leave me alone or scram, I always say, "Get LOST. It's a good tv show."

Best keep calm ive seen in a while. Dang I miss that show

Lmao. I recognized them before reading the caption. The numbers/ The candidates-  LOST #lost

The Numbers - Lost

4 8 15 16 23 42!  Oh, Hurley

Best Of The "Call Me Maybe" Meme

4 8 15 16 23 Oh, Hurley, (plus in How I Met Your Mother he gave this number as The Blitz to prank text)

Sing your own special song Make your own kind of music Even if nobody else sings along

Everytime I hear this song, I picture Desmond riding the stationary bike and…

<b>What do you call a polar bear in the jungle?</b>

And finally, this:

Hahaha funny Claire lost call me maybe

5 stages of grief for a LOST fan....I don't think acceptance will ever be had for ANY LOST fan!!!

Stages of grief LOST---I will NEVER reach the acceptance stage.

Keep calm and ask Jack. (Etsy)

Keep Calm LOST digital printable word art by fullerwords on Etsy

this lost print is a MUST on our wall. this is maybe one thing from LOST we quote constantly!

Lost ~ Minimal TV Series Poster by Akshar Pathak

33 Jokes Only People Who Watched "Lost" Will Find Funny

33 Jokes Only People Who Watched "Lost" Will Find Funny

I love when random people work together.

Will you be my Constant?

So romantic for lost geeks. fuckyeahlost: LOST Valentine’s Day,

so here's the thing. im kinda obsessed with lost. like really really really obsessed.

Keep calm and watch Lost

Hahahahhshahahhahahahahhahah. Can't stop laughing. But those numbers freak me out........ D: ahhhh.

But those numbers freak me out. D: ahhhh.

"His head."  *looks at it thoughtfully* "It's like a turnip."

We just call him Peanut Butter Kid.

Los simpsons adelantaron el final de lost !

Los simpsons adelantaron el final de lost !

"The Simpsons" takes a swipe at the "Lost" finale!