A good mix of cushions, throw, candles and an area rug can brighten up any balcony or reading nook you want to unwind in. Fabulous ideas for spring decor on your balcony


New place; on the balcony. Yes please! This would be the perfect spot to read a book or take a nap. in my future home!

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10 ideas irresistibles para cenas románticas

Yaz kapıda. Bunaltıcı sıcaklardan kaçışın en güzel yolu; balkonlar... Balkonlarınıza biraz çekidüzen vererek; ferah ve keyifli sohbetler için ideal bir ortam oluşturabilirsiniz. Tek yapmanız gereken biraz zaman ayırmak; tasarım gücüyle dar mekanları çok sevimli ve tarz mekanlara dönüştürmek!  Vee işte size ilham verecek balkon modelleri!

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These are 21 of my absolute favorite balconies ever! Proves that you don’t need a lot of space to make beautiful things happen

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26 Tiny Furniture Ideas for Your Small Balcony

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Simple yet cozy enough for a gathering. This makes me think of family

Our Patio - zevy joy-A multipurpose patio reveal with dining and lounging areas. Room to grow, eat and visit. Lush greenery and photos showing the different design arrangements.