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@Megan Ward Coram, It is magical!

David Tennant's hair is the BEST out of all the doctors in my opinion. <---- David Tennant's hair is the best out everyone's.

The Doctor's Coat Pocket - It's bigger on the inside. He seriously keeps everything in there...


From "Blink", Ten speaking to Sally Sparrow... but then Martha would have to be there and the Doctor (10.5) and Rose would have had to cross universes  without the TARDIS.

Since this is a Martha episode I don't think it's a tie in. I mean who else could the lizard be and this is a Moffat episode.

LikeaLaugh - Youre superior in only one thing>>>Daleks deliver the sickest burns

That moment when the Cybermen and Daleks get in a sass war. - For real, this was an awesome moment in tv.>> I squeed at this part, DALEK SASS!

Do you want to steal a TARDIS?

Do you wanna steal a TARDIS? - Do you wanna build a snowman parody. His face cracks me up!

Aren't you a beautiful boy?

Funny pictures about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Oh, and cool pics about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Also, Aren't you a beautiful boy.

The Twelfth Doctor requests that you view these fragments of time and space from my personal archives.

Story of my life. "What plan? I haven't finished talking "

Oh no. Whatever will I do if the Doctor comes and kidnaps me?

Whoops my finger slipped. Guess I have (get) to travel in time with a timelord.

Hmmm some confusion about Mel

The Doctor: Mels? Amy: Yeah, I named my daughter after her. The Doctor: You named your daughter after your daughter. Welcome to Moffat's Doctor Who, everyone. Enjoy your stay.