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Volterra, Tuscany, Italy - I hate when people pin stuff and are like 'how beautiful'! If it weren't for the ugly poisonous chemtrailing in the sky it would be :/

Volterra, Tuscany, Italy - People should be aware that these are NOT NATURAL clouds. They are poisonous chemtrails!

Saturn's Thermal Baths...Tuscany, Italy

Saturnia thermal baths - Tuscany, Italy I only just discovered reading about this place, how is it NOT in the Italian travel book I have?

Tuscany...my dream

All things Italian - Fiat 500 and cypress-lined street in Tuscany land of dreams

Isola della Gaiola in Italy

GaiolaBridge (or as Italians call it - Isola della Gaiola)? According to the legend, it used to belong to a very rich man years ago who owned both of those tiny islands

Citta Del Mare, Itália.

Slide to the Sea, Sicily, Italy. I want to visit if for the slide and nothing else! Places to visit things to doS 113 Km 90049 Terrasini, Sicily, Italy

mostlyitaly: Old town of Siena (Tuscany, Italy) by Yixing Wu Visit and follow www.joselito28.tumblr.com @tahayu

mostlyitaly: Old town of Siena (Tuscany, Italy) by Yixing Wu Visit and…

Canal houses Treviso, Italy (by Gabriele Dalla Porta)

Treviso, Italy (by Gabriele Dalla Porta) Because I mean, why not go to a place that is pronounced just like your last name?