and I shall call him Squishy

Artwork by Matt Dixon

I swear, the artist was channeling Carmela Rodriguez… “Alien Abduction” by Matt Dixon

Alien Magritte - This is one of the coolest mash-ups I've ever seen! Awesomeness!

So I was looking at René Magritte's famous "The Son of Man" and I thought. needs more Giger. So I defiled this beautiful original work of art with a . Son of Alien (Magritte w/Alien Facehugger Mashup)

Gadgetzan Auctioneer

Get inspired by this huge collection of 100 artworks from the Blizzard game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

Dive into The Art of Matt Dixon, a a freelance illustrator and concept artist from the UK who recently worked for Electronic Arts, Hodder Children's Books,

ArtStation - Hide and Seek, Matt Dixon

First new robot image since Transmissions ( And maybe the first piece for Transmissions ) I used this image to demonstrate my approach to digital . Hide And Seek

#hearthstone #warcraft

Illustration de Matt Dixon

Image intégrée

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Harvest sketch by Matt Dixon, I love the character in these robots!

Official Post from Matt Dixon: I seem to be full of ideas for the robots at the moment. Strange how I can go for months without feeling the urge to paint one of these guys, then inspiration suddenly arrives by the truck load!