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Serinus flaviventris/ yellow canary Botswana

Yellow Canary (Crithagra flaviventris) Drinking in company of other species

Lilacbreasted Roller - Botswana

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Elephants in Botswana

Elephants in Botswana

The dark blue bird in Moremi wildlife reserve, Okawango Botswana

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The Crimson Chat (Epthianura tricolor) is a species of small bird found in Australia. It is also known as the Tricoloured Chat, Saltbush Canary, and Crimson-breasted Nun.

Crimson Chat (Epthianura tricolor) is a small bird that is found in semi-arid climates/ deserts/ woodlands/ grass-lands, in the central part of Australia.by Rob Drummond Photography

Elephant at sunset. A photo taken by: Botswana Footprints

This photo was taken by: Botswana Footprints. Your African Safari is a safari community and features 17668 photos of safari parks, animals and activities.