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Moose need to be in the water to drink water because their leg prevent them kneeing down low enough.

moose with newborn calf

This newborn moose calf was born yesterday shortly before I shot the photo.

Moose - he says "wah, wah, wah she no likey me"

Moose - demonstrates a "lip curl", or flehmen behavior which a bull exhibits in response to the scent of a receptive cow. Bulls be like "*whiffff* dat ass tho"

Moose Pile! Baby moose sleeping at the Kostroma Moose Farm

Baby moose sleeping at the Kostroma Moose Farm-fascinating info about domesticating moose if you look up about the farm

Moose Cow Sitting And Resting Mount Ernest Laforce Gaspesie National Park Quebec Canvas Art - Philippe Henry Design Pics x

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* * " Whys der always gotta beez swamps wif obstructions dat beez harders to getz thru?