Polar bear mother and cubs sleeping on the tundra near Churchill, Manitoba

Snuggling up at Cape Churchill - John E Marriott Wildlife and Nature Photography sweet

Ursinho ♥♥

beautiful-wildlife: 7 week old black bear cub in den by Suzi Eszterhas

Pets are awesome to grow up with

Pets are awesome to grow up with

gorgeous family picture

Polar Bear Cubs Get Mom’s Attention Three polar bear cubs climb up on their mom to get her attention, at Wapusk National Park near Manitoba, Canada.

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Icebergs are polar bears natural habitat, and with global warming these icecaps will be melting.

Amo urso...

Amo urso...


I love this photo of the polar bear. It is so adorable and playful. The snow and the polar bear match perfectly! I love how the polar bear is playing in the snow.

Did you get that seal??

Hah the polar bear wants to eat the killer whale. and he could if the whale was stuck. the polar bear would attack it and kill it by biting around its blowhole. And the killer whale wants to eat the polar bear and it would if the bear fell in.

familia osuna..Ja!

Family portrait — A lucky photographer has managed to photograph these adorable images that of the playful first moments in the lives of young polar bear cubs in Manitoba, Canada (THOMAS KOKTA/CATERS) Source: The Telegraph