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Photographing Snowflakes

Micro-Photography Of Individual Snowflakes

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Lay Me Down- Sam Smith

Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the…


Milky Way and faint aurora over Sørtinden in Tromvik, Norway. photo: John A Hemmingsen.

ctton candy and glitter

Cotton Candy Nebula - The nebula known as complete with sparkly star clusters embedded in fluffy pink clouds of gas. This exceptionally energetic star-forming region, also known as the Bean Nebula, extends over light-years in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Saw 4 the other night w/ my edgyfren

A shooting star. One of ma greatest wish, to see a shooting star n to wish upon the star for I know it's really going to happen

Milky Way - Phillip Island, Cape Woolamai, Australia

I think I need to visit Australia! Milky Way, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia, photo by Lincoln Harrison.

Milky Way over Lake Titicaca, Peru

Milky Way over Lake Titicaca, Peru--- need to go there what a sight. when you go take me with you Amen the Lake Titicaca is the most beautiful place on the planet Dear Sweet Earth I love you and Jesus Christ that made you. Praise you Lord God


Finnish photographer Mikko Lagerstedt is back with the second part of his ‘Edge’ photo series. Similar to the first part, he captures the hauntingly beautiful land and seascapes in Finland. He captures the serene beauty of the Finnish landscape.

You "Never" saw me coming.... We do not get to predict what will happen my love...we can only surmise....what "happens" will only be known through refection... not prediction.....

Comet McNaught over Putauaki Eastern Bay of Plenty, New Zealand by Colour & Light


Starry night in a rural field just as beautiful as the daytime sunlit wide open spaces view.