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Native american mask - john marston (coast salish) - first hunt rattle

Native American Wood Masks by bear.creek.lumber, via Flickr

Chris Pope, from Whidbey Island WA buys his wood from Bear Creek lumber to make this amazing Pacific Northwest tribal masks

Mungo Martin - Native American Indian Master Artist

Read about the legendary Northwest Coast Native Indian Artist & totem pole carver Mungo Martin

Haida Eagle Mask

Haida Eagle Mask (native american) Alaska is kind of far from my home but lots of similarities between the two.

Northwest Coast Polychromed Wood Headress, side view, probably Nuxalk (Bella Coola)

virtual-artifacts: “ Northwest Coast Polychromed Wood Headress, probably Nuxalk (Bella Coola) ”

Culture/People:Tsimshian Object name:Bear headdress Native term:galk Date created:circa 1850 Place:British Columbia; Canada Media/Materials:Hardwood, sea snail (turban snail) opercula , hair, hide, paint Techniques:Carved, painted Collection History/Provenance:Collected by Lieutenant George T. Emmons (1852-1945, US Navy 1881-1899); purchased by MAI in 1920. Dimensions:21.5 x 14.5 x 18.5 cm Catalog number:9/8031

unhistorical: “ Tsimshian bear headdress (c. and grizzly bear war helmet (c.

Mourning Mask for Dave Neel Senior, Northwest Native American by David Neel

Mourning Mask for Dave Neel Senior Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian mask Mourning masks have long been used among Northwest Native American people to portray their ancestors. This mask depicts my late father, Dave Neel Senior, who was a Kwakiutl art

Mask.....Kwakiutl Indian Mask Pacific Northwest Coast, North America by carolina

Kwakiutl Indian Mask Pacific Northwest Coast, North America 12 inches, painted wood Done in the style of the Kwakiutl of Vancouver Island, this is a strikingly beautiful carved wood reproduction of a.

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