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White bobcat

Albinism is an genetic disorder characterized by a lack of melanin in the body, the body’s color producing pigment. Here's a list of 125 rare albino animals.

albin the albino moose from norway, he looks unreal O_o

[ALBINO MOOSE FROM NORWAY: " Worrys be a mis- use of de mind, but me haz betters concerns than wonderin' if me coulds pass az white chocolate.


Mom Lynx with her infant. voiceofnature: magicalnaturetour: By: PedroHamers

Yo yo yo my name is... my name is albino! Albino the koala and Iam special as u can see

Yo yo yo my name is. my name is albino! Albino the koala and Iam special as u can see

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An albino dog with blue eyes is called a Cornaz Albino.

Partial Albinism — Samoyed Club of America Education and Research

White tigers are popular among breeders and zoos because they attract more visitors. They’re a subspecies of the Bengal tiger and aren’t actually truly albino, but just play the part. White tigers are a result of recessive genes, and when two recessive genes are found in a tiger, it results in the white coat pattern.

usually albino animals are weird and scary looking but this albino tiger is by far the coolest looking albino animal everrrr! This is so sickkk!