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The lotus flower is the most popular flower tattoos. It is a feminine, delicate and very attractive spiritual and philosophical design, but also one of great significance, value.

Nice :)

Unique tattoo design and cool tattoo idea are the style of tattoo artist Guy Le Tatooer (official website), and he is one of my best love artists, maybe you can

Mirja Fenris, tatuagens inspiradas em geometria sagrada e mandalas

Inspirada pela geometria sagrada, Mirja Fenris cria tatuagens de simetrias perfeitas

tatuaje espalda

17 Chicas que te harán querer un tattoo en medio de la espalda

I love this possibility.sun and moon mandala . Someday, when the time is right, I'll find someone to draw/design me one for a tattoo.

|| Pinterest: laurel wreath ||

The wings will hold the names and dates of the boys births and the tail will say have he name of the book or saying that means something to us. Placement: start between the shoulder blades and tail end mid back.

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I have really been attracted to the dots/lines combo tattoos lately. Not to mention where else on the body this could look fantastic.