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Inflatable Bag Monster

Joshua Allen Harris Fantastic garbage bag creations that spring to life from subway air vents

Rainworks - Sidewalk illustrations only appear when raining...

Designed and produced by artist Peregrine Church: Rainworks - art that only appears when wet

Doris Salcedo. 1,550 wooden chairs piled high between two buildings in central Istanbul.

Doris Salcedo, Installation at International Istanbul Biennial, Salcedo's idea was to create a "topography of war"--not tied to a specific historical event, but to war in general. wooden chairs piled high between two buildings in central Istanbul.


Colorful Origami Street Art Installations by Mademoiselle Maurice. The Saint-Maurice cathedral was adorned with two installations—a geometric pattern on the front gate and a rainbow of origami on the front steps.

~Tapis Rouge by Gaelle Villedary    In a bid to reconnect the inhabitants of French village Jaujac to their surrounding landscape while also celebrating the 10th anniversary of the town’s arts and nature program Villedary installed a 1400ft grass carpet. The project was a clear and effective reminder we’re never far from nature and its obvious benefits~

Tapis Rouge by Gaelle Villedary. Rolling out the Green Carpet. Jaujac, France, by french Artist Gaëlle Villedary. The path weaves throughout the town, like a yellow brick road.

Así se reaviva un fuego

Check out the clever solution these guys came up with to help get the flames going, all you need is a Harley Davidson motorcycle! If you've ever tried to start a camp fire, then you know first-hand that it isn't always the easiest of tasks.


Street Art of Leaning Tower of Pisa in Philadelphia, PA, USA

Interesting design - creating personal rooms in a larger public space.

Organic Gardening Tips You Can Try Out Today

Interesting design - creating personal rooms in a larger public space. - hexagonal design with flowers growing around you which is attracting bees promoting nectar extraction therefore pollination, to offer the environment something back !

French artist Cedric Bernadotte wanted to figure out a new way for humans to interact with the urban environment. He believes that stopping to rest and enjoy a few quiet moments is essential for one’s enjoyment of the city. He accomplishes his goals with the creative use of cellophane, industrial tapes and inflatables.Using the type of sealing plastic that’s used to secure pallets, Bernadotte invents new spaces using existing city objects,existing only temporarily,leaving no trace when it’s…

Cellophane, the plastic stuff that keeps your sandwiches fresh, isn’t a conventional art tool. But these two projects use it to temporarily spruce up cities.

Giant Illuminated Game Pieces

Giant Illuminated Game Pieces