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Rape is NEVER the victim's fault.

[TW] We need to stop victim-blaming. (from Jessica Valenti) Do you believe there is a culture of victim-blaming in America?


Somebody needs to tell the damn lawyers in the Steubenville gang rape case this.

No woman should ever be victimized twice by being accused of "asking" for it.  Ever

Nuns are raped. Boy scouts, altar servers, and Little League players are raped. Men are raped. Seniors are raped. 6 year old girls are raped. STOP victim blaming + shaming; we are raped no matter what we do. The ONLY cause for rape, is rapists ¯_(ツ)_/¯

this is truly scary, and the worst part is that it's happening today (just reversed, of course)

For the men who still don't get it.By Carol Diehl. Athough Domination is never ok this is an illustration that may help put the perspective shoe on the other foot.

Feminist Elizabethan: Feminist Meme: If You Were Dressed As A Vampire

rape culture<<<Wish they wouldn't have used that word, but I still appreciate the statement.