Bioverse Permeable Paving System - Limestone

bioverse permeable paving system - might look nice in my front yard between flower beds, etc. :) Would probably be difficult to mow with a manual mower, though.

Turfstone concrete grid pavers are a series from Calstone that offers the beauty of a lawn with the structural performance of pavement. Turfstone allows for water permeability and eliminates storm water runoff.

Stone and grass patio idea. Great for parking strip area. Still green, but has durability to withstand parking for cars and boats

An interview with Hayden Loos, the designer of this bee infographic Hayden took some time to answer some questions about this bee infographic, his interest in bees and how he takes his honey. You can see more of Hayden’s designs at 1. What led you to create this bee infographic? I created this bee infographic …

An interview with Hayden Loos, the designer of this bee infographic Hayden took…


Japanese garden in Clingendael Park, The Hague, Netherlands. The magnificent Japanese Garden in Clingendael Park is open to the public twice a year, in the spring and autumn. Admission is free.

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Grass and concrete in a cross-stitch pattern. This would be fantastic in my side yard walkway.

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Any local friends looking to get rid of bricks or old stepping stones? I would love to do an artistic patio mosaic! My front yard has a stone garden wall made from an old building in Washington.

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Grasses Growing Between Floor Paving Block Stones Stock Photo .