grass driveways – i love the little x's - need to make the driveway wider. I like this look instead of gravel or concrete

– i love the little x's but thinking more for patio instead if the driveway and wondering if using thyme or some other ground over would work. I like this look instead of gravel or concrete

Bioverse Permeable Paving System - Limestone

bioverse permeable paving system - might look nice in my front yard between flower beds, etc. :) Would probably be difficult to mow with a manual mower, though.

Drivable Grass biofiltration pavers

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could also make entry from driveway along neighbors

Hardscaping 101: Pathway Lighting

Use a row of white bark birch trees along a fence line to give additional privacy . in other words would they stay narrow? if I even would be allowed to grow these in our small outdoor space at our con

Porous Concrete is made with little or no sand and generally uses larger pea gravel, so the look is not as smooth as conventional concrete. It is available through most concrete suppliers.

Hardscaping 101: Eco-Friendly Paving Solutions

One of the best ways to deal with rainwater on site is to let it infiltrate straight into the ground. Last week we talked about the design and benefits of rain gardens, but what about areas that need to be more durable, like driveways, sidewalks and patios? If you have a paving project on your summer to-do list, keep reading!

Green Your Drainage: Permeable Paving

What Do I Know?: Interesting April and May Google Searches

Permeable driveway/parking area, to prevent heat island effect, reduce runoff, and keep everything nice and green