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Chris Johansson graduated from Lund University, Sweden in He has extensive experience in general and cosmetic dentistry with practice spanning over 14 years.

Meet the experienced, talented team of dentists at Fixari Family Dental!

Dental specialists and dental experts in Dubai at Dr Michael's Dental Clinic are world-class practitioners. Find the right dentist for you and your family.

Dentist with two decades of private practice in South Africa and the UAE, Dr Sarel Van Der Linde joins Dr Michael's Dental Clinic in Dubai.

We have a growing number of patients in Dubai and Abu Dhabi who come to us to correct their bites and improve their oral function through dental braces.

General Dentist in Dubai and Clinical Head at Dr Michael's Dental Clinic, Dr Marwan Al-Obeidi received his Doctorate in Medical Dentistry from Guy's Hospital.

Swedish Dentist in Dubai, Dr Thomas Lyth has more than 26 years of dental experience and focuses on dentally anxious patients and pain-free treatment.

Dr. Omar Al-Daoudi, Specialist Prosthodontist “Modern dentistry is intellectually challenging. It is most rewarding when we make a tremendous difference in a patient’s life by providing him with the smile that he always desired, by making difference in patients’ healthcare,” says Dr. Omar.

Dental Implant procedure at Dr. Michael's Dental Clinic Dubai using the most advanced technology in dental imaging, Carestream CBCT Scan.

Tongue scrapers are oral devices used to eliminate fungi, bacterial build-up, food debris and dead cells from the tongue’s surface. Honestly you are gross if you don't use one.

Kid's Dentist in Walterboro!!  Fun pic of our Dr's

Kid's Dentist in Walterboro! Fun pic of our Dr's

Dental implants are the relatively newer and more advanced 'kids on your dental block'. They look so uncannily like natural teeth that people won't even suspect

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Wheel+Chair - Peng Junjie with team School of Industrial Design, Lund University: Winner red dot award: design concept

The new method was shown to detect 40 percent more cancers than existing methods (Photo: Lund University)