I started crying looking at this

The Maze Runner - ...

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I'm stuck in between loving Newt and Thomas😂 but I would love for Minho to be my brother

I thought of a good one but totally off topic

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Omg I seriously blushed.

Imagine: Newt telling Thomas to back off, when Thomas likes u. Newt pointng you out to say she's mine

Sorry. But I don't want to die.  Wait. Would it be wrong to call Thomas Sangster Tommy?

Y/n: Newt it hurts so bad(tears streaming down your face) Newt: I know sweetheart. I love you so much (starts to cry) please stay with me (crying heavily) I can't lose you I can't Y/n: (puts hand on Newts cheek) I will (pulls Newt in for a kiss)