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APH: Scotland by Junez-chan

Hetalia 30 Day Challenge - Day Character with your favourite uniform- Scotland! I like how it mirrors the flag. And he pulls it off really well ;

Scotland  England - I care. Even if I don't show it.

[Scotland England - "I care."] At first I thought it was France who covered England with the cloak, but aaaawww it was actually Scotland~ ^w^

Scotland and Spain I love it - BUT ENGLAND IS STILL THE BEST.

Coughcough ahem… I do believe a beating is in order. Someone bring me a very big stick, a rose, a bottle of wine, a cut out of England and a box.>> I just love this poor Spain


The guy with the cigarette is Scotland, the one sleeping is England. The guy that came rushing in is Spain.

England & Scotland...aaaaawwwwww >u<♥♥♥♥♥

I like this but England is 500 year older then scotland