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I don't support depression I'm posting this on my board because it's how I feel and it might be how others feel aswell.

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Everyone feels depressed from time to time. If depression stays too long, on the other hand, than it can become a serious problem.

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depressioncomix: “ depression comix - 264 - View Site - View Patreon ” And the solution is not “Focus.

Sometimes the support needs support too | This is why community is a good thing. Additional anchor lines to stabilize everyone.

horroreggg: “ depressioncomix: “ depression comix - 297 - View Site - View Patreon ” Y'all honestly quit trying to say “oh no I can’t do that important thing I might have an Anxiety Episode® uwu :)))))” get your head out your ass. I had to stay at.

Depression Comix It is a choice. Someone said I was faking happiness and almost believed it.

281 – Depression Comix certain people I know really need to learn this and their name may or may not be 4 letters long and begin with S and end in eth


You feel isolated and alone like you are the only one who has these symptoms, but there is good news, there is a better life for people with social anxiety.

Setting goals - but they're unattainable. #depression depcom.185.col.400px

depressioncomix: ” This post isn’t necessarily about depression, but I think that many who suffer from it understand these feelings well. And this has a compounding effect, as we feel guilty.