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When the truth was revealed:

When the truth was revealed:

Yeah, could people stop having weird views towards people who fall anywhere under bi? As a biromantic person, I can tell you that it sucks to have people be weird towards you just because you're bi.

Turn that hypothetical right back around . | 14 Times Tumblr Didn't Have Time For Homophobic Comments

14 Times Tumblr Didn't Have Time For Homophobic Comments

I'm straight and I'd love to go to pride because I can. I'd love to go for those who can't, to show support.

My boyfriend and I appear straight but I'm on the asexuality scale and he is a straight ally for so many reasons, and I think we have a place at pride just like anyone else.

If the ocean disappears, don't go looking for it, run in the other direction

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in my family i am considered the emo cousin and the gay cousin~ ashley m whitley

Also when I realized that the guy I liked was really dumb and I didn't rely on him because half the time he never even talked to me and beeeeach I am pretty  idk I'm just feeling really good today ❤️

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This happened to me and I wear whatever I want and decide I look fabulous. And now one person even said that she was jealous of my confidence and my crush os now my boyfriend

Seriously though yes

I actually wrote a paper on Viking family dynamics and the rights and privileges women had was on the same level as modern day women enjoy. But what's really interesting is the inheritance rights that women and children had.