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Well Gen is relatively short, she is only I think. <<< I really thought Jared was standing.

NEVER give up, keep fighting! There is always something to fight for! I’m not just talking about the show now, Suicide is NEVER the answer, get help!

I'm pretty sure they try to incorporate other fandoms on purpose so that Tumblr can bask in our fandom's glory of having a gif for everything.

Supernatural is a fandom for serious fans. I love the random references. Oh and the great classic rock music. The classic rock music.

I thought the exact same thing! He looked so proud, and like "that was just awesome, you' should've seen it!

I yelled at my sister for this reason!

i said this to my mom and she hit me, not exactly the "im batman" Winchester action I thought it would be<--- oh noo

Wait is there a possibility that john took advantage of dean in a different and definitely illegal way?

[gifset] You will never convince me that John didn't abuse Dean. Look at his face. This is painful! Dark Side Of The Moon - Dean remembering what John did to him. Our poor baby Dean.

Are you sure about that Dean?

The Winchester boys don't always sing in supernatural, but when they do, it's usually Dean singing. Don't forget Eye of the Tiger!