Deans face is just like "year, I would do that too"

A twist on the Cain and Abel story. I was sitting in Sunday school and our teacher asked us if we knew the Cain and Abel story, all I could think about was this.

Even in the most serious of situations I can't help but burst out laughing when she says "Fergus" Cause he's a kind of evil but a mostly sassy person and his fucking name is FERGUS

Dean's names for Cas

[SET OF GIFS] Some of Dean's nicknames for Cas xD Mommy Dearest, My Bloody Valentine, The Song Remains the Same, Abandon All Hope This is so cute!

Misha Collins  as  Cas  and Mark  Sheppard  as Crowley  on Supernatural

Teaming up. Misha Collins as Cas and Mark Sheppard as Crowley on Supernatural



[gifset] King Of The Damned SPN Dean Crowley Click through, there's some interesting reading, though no one mentions the fact that Crowley has a hell hound named Juliet(which amuses me to no end.

See, this is why I wish the Winchester boys were my brothers. Yes, they make mistakes; they take out their stress on alcohol shots and raised voices aimed at each other; they say things they regret and dig themselves into holes they sometimes can't get out of on their own. But I'd know that even with all that going on, in those arms, I'd be loved, protected, and never forgotten.

Jensen talking about Dean's feelings for Charlie. I still haven't got over the fact that they killed Charlie.