Sam & Dean

Supernatural Sky by ~chunkymacaroni on deviantART [Sam looks so innocent!

how to properly pet: Dean, Sam, Castiel

TFW - Petting guide by Tsuki-Nekota

Fille, s'il vous plait!

wifihunters: I heard this guy had an appreciation week that i missed out on which is really a crime

I have no idea what amazing person made this but your work is astounding

{click through} Good post. I love the emotion shown. How broken Sam is yet he's still standing.

Cas would be my bestest of best friends.

Journal of A Man of Letters, entry 68 by Petite-Madame  A great job for a great series

Sam Winchesters’ Journal - Entry reached the bunker after a car trip where almost no words were exchanged. It’s not as if Dean had been particularly chatty in the last couple of months anyway. And Castiel…well poor Cas remained

Dean Winchester

SPN: Smoke and Mirrors by ~nargynargy on deviantART

Frank, don't know who to credit, but dang... love the look on Sam's face. OK, just love Sam's face.

Journal of a Man of Letters - # 80 - The attention to detail in these are pretty amazing. Note Dean's bag of peanut m&m's and Sam's rosy cheeks. I mean, for real though.


tarot by ~natira on deviantART (Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Supernatural Fanart)

Aww Charlie, I love you so much you don't even understand

Charlie Bradbury - Supernatural by KanaHyde - Supernatural - Cartoons and Fan Art

Dean and Castiel drawing

theministry-of-lost-souls:  Towards the light by firebolide

What a wonderful July - season 4 start filming and Jared's birthday is coming. Therefore I made this drawing to celebrate. means:Sam found a ritual that might be able to get Dean out of hell.

Watch Jared - supernatural funny - Jared Padalecki Sam Winchester - Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester

I love watching Jared in the background xD

Bahahaha. Best faces ever. >> Misha Collins & Jensen Ackles read Fifty Shades of Grey

Cas & Dean reading 50 shades of Grey. I read this book and in on the second one. But not the reaction I expected Dean of all people to have

Fifty Shades of Grey! LOL

Jensen of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Just that smoldering hot look...ahhhhh @Liz Mester Mester Mester Mester Steenbeeke

Jensen Ackles GIF - Oh.that look would cause panties to hit the floor with a quickness!