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Coulson & Ward when Skye finally became an agent. <<< there's so much good stuff in here that I don't know what to highlight

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Honestly, Coulson is like me fav. character, he's such a good guy.

Coulson is. An entire fandom brought him back from the day when he was supposed to just be a kind of filler character because that's how much power and awesomeness Coulson has

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D This scene always gives me chills. I half expected him to hit her. He gets bonus points for not laying his hands on her.

I'm gonna throw up 😁😁 take that in your big freaking Nazi face (did you get that reference)

LITTLE maybe BIG CORRECTION THERE ' The Agent She IS FALLING FOR' The tragic love story like Romeo and Juliet.......except they don't kill themselves and die.... ugh this is killing me inside....... Lol

Ward is a super mega stupid asshole and will try to kill everyone >:(

That's not a weakness is it? || AOS 1x21 Ragtag || John Garrett, Grant Ward || 736px × 1,223px || #quotes

If Ward had killed Buddy I would've cried and never ever forgiven him.

Agents of SHIELD 3x13 "Parting Shot"  The spy's goodbye broke my heart

Agents of SHIELD "Parting Shot" The spy's goodbye broke my heart

Agents of Shield Season 1+5

Agents of Shield Season 1+5

This part. THIS PART. I literally had the same reactions....apart from all of skyes lines were in my head

I literally had the same reactions. And then their reactions. Priceless xD Agents of Shield.

S.O.S... TOO MANY FEELS. *sobbing*

"Taking a bullet for me is stupid." "Walking into a trap when you know it's a trap is stupid." Hunter and Bobbi "Huntingbird"