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Ace of Spades

Requiem Playing Cards on Illustration Served

This is a finished project for a custom poker card deck, developed under the summer faces: everything has been redesigned, but at the same time I kept a standard index for easy readability.

Contraband Playing Cards


Skull playing card Ace

Ace of Spades made for my custom deck of cards © copyright Terry Mahy This image is strictly NOT for private or commercial use. Ace of Spades - playing cards

Playing Cards - Release

Bicycle® Civil War

Hand-drawn images of major war figures coupled with the U.S currency inspired scrollwork transform this brand new Bicycle Civil War deck into a relic of the past.

Ace of Spades/Swords light

Chris Ovdiyenko is raising funds for Arcana Playing Cards on Kickstarter! Playing cards inspired by the Tarot. Arcana is a new deck of custom hand-drawn playing cards printed by USPCC.

Bicycle Steel Playing Cards deck by Cardicians — Kickstarter

Cardicians is raising funds for Bicycle Steel Playing Cards deck on Kickstarter! From the creators of the Dark Templar playing cards comes a new deck inspired by hard cold metal: Bicycle® Steel.

Skulled Aces of Clubs by on @deviantART

As I was vectoring a skull for a side project. I had an idea to design a series of playing card Aces with a skull theme.

The Ace of Spades from Bicycle® Archangels Playing Cards

Bicycle® Archangels

The Ace of Spades - Bicycle® Archangels Playing Cards / Elementos bastante…