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Jean Paul Ganem, Agricultural Compositions.  Created on top of waste using patterns of differing plants to give form.

Agricultural Compositions by Jean Paul Ganem. The artist turns fields of human waste and pollution into colorful landscapes made up of compositions of different kinds and colors of plants. Beautiful views from the air.

Really cool idea for snow-art --drawing w/ your feet!

Sonja Hinrichsen’s Snow Drawings

The east coast may not be getting much snow, but Sonja Hinrichsen, a land artist and photographer, has been putting what snow has fallen in the west to good use, creating a massive drawing stomped …

The snowshoe artist starts by drawing the design on paper. (Photo by Simon Beck)

CDSea by Bruce Munro. Designer Bruce Munro has laid out 600,000 CDs on the grass in a Wiltshire field in the UK.

Designer Bruce Munro: CDs laid out on a field of grass in Wiltshire

hebert metagon spiral.png (901×613)

hebert metagon spiral.png (901×613)

Aerial shot of a tulip farm in the Netherlands...wow! <3

Funny pictures about A Majestic Tulip Farm in Netherlands. Oh, and cool pics about A Majestic Tulip Farm in Netherlands. Also, A Majestic Tulip Farm in Netherlands.

Sand Circles, California, Jim Denevan

Amazing sand drawings on Californian beaches, by American sand artist Jim Denevan.

Lucy Skaer, Bevelled Map, 2004

Lucy Skaer, Bevelled Map, 2004

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