Pavel Tatarnikov "Arthur of Albion" 14

Arthur of Albion by John Matthews, illustrated by Pavel Tatarnikov (Belarus, Published by Barefoot Books, US, 2008

Pavel Tatarnikov "Arthur of Albion" 13

Pavel Tatarnikov - Arthur of Albion 19

Templar hero

Templar hero

Alan LEE (1947- ) Illustrations for The Mabinogion

Alan Lee illustration from “The Mabinogion” ~ Medieval Welsh Tales ~ Dragon's Dream 1982

Sir Lancelot Gives His Shield Into Elaine's Keeping by Arthur A Dixon

Sir Lancelot Gives His Shield Into Elaine's Keeping, by Arthur Augustus Dixon (English,

"The Evolution of King Arthur" by Carolyn Emerick (Art by Walter Crane, 1911)

The Evolution of King Arthur

Arthur A. Dixon - The Youth Pulled it out Easily - King Arthur 1921