*Cat and Dog Memes*

Dog Humor: It's 3 a. and you just got one young man? You have 5 seconds to get me noms or I'll bark my head off in front of Mom's door.


I've swam in the ocean and never been attacked by a shark, however, I was walking in a field and was chased by a cow (there was no calf around either). Gee, thought sharks were aggressive and cows were docile.

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Funny pictures about I immediately regret it! Oh, and cool pics about I immediately regret it! Also, I immediately regret it!

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Funny pictures about When couples fight. Oh, and cool pics about When couples fight. Also, When couples fight.

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Oh Lord Jesus, it's a fire! (Perfect thing to pin on my birthday. lol)

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I can't stop laughing when I look at this :D

Better Play It Cool.

I laughed so hard, idk why, but that polar bear is FUN--NY

I love spring!

I love spring!

Funny pictures about Just Stop And Smell The Flowers. Oh, and cool pics about Just Stop And Smell The Flowers. Also, Just Stop And Smell The Flowers photos.


I see you’re here…

Little girl's evil smile caption Welcome To My Birthday party Birthday's on Halloween birthday parties ha ha heh heh :DD

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Eeeyyyyyyyyy!  Brenton if he were a snake


Funny pictures about Comedian snake. Oh, and cool pics about Comedian snake. Also, Comedian snake.

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Don't compare your behind-the-scenes to someone's highlight reels! Keepin' it REAL!