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When she was a lass she ate four bowls of rice, every morning to help her get large.

Too funny to ignore! I am seeing a spin-off disney movie? Mulan and Gaston join forces. some things would go down.

Hidden Secrets from lots of disney movies. pretty interesting...just spent too much time scrolling through.

this site shows a lot of Disney hidden facts for a bunch of different movies---I could waste a ton of time on here pin now-read later (warning.I spent 2 hours on this site<-Haley)

Well because beasts had seen books and the way people write before Tarzan never knew about any sort of education

Different teaching techniques. comparing belle from breauty and the beast and jane from tarzan. Except Tarzan had never seen a book before and beast was a prince and so should be able to read Shakespeare

one of my favourite scenes from DM

one of my favourite scenes from DM

Disney princesses crossover-omg a princess sleepover!

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Disney Princess Slumber Party for fans of disney crossover images.

Family  =) I can't see wait to Frozen  Loved Brave and Tangled Me at 15 and now =)

I mean come on her mother never knew her own child and now she is here the moment that the Queen and King could only hope would ever happen did, they finally got there child back. That scene almost made me cry.

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Yay for me! I'll have pretty platinum hair instead of grey or salt and pepper