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"I AM DONE ITS ALL OVER EVERYONE CAN GO HOME JOHN BARROWMAN IS POSING SUGGESTIVELY IN A PAIR OF THIGH-HIGH AUSTRALIAN UGG BOOTS THERE CAN NEVER AND WILL NEVER BE A BETTER PHOTO ON THE INTERNET <--- As if it's possible for John Barrowman to pose non-suggestively. <--That comment speaks the truth of everything John Barrowman related.

John Barrowman is posing suggestively in a pair of thigh-high Australian Ugg boots? Oh dear, the internet.


What a sweet John Barrowman story! Lovely experience for the little chap, for sure!

freak out and blame steven moffat

Always blame Moffat. Even if it has nothing to do with Sherlock or any of his other shows.blame him. Someone cuts you off in traffic-blame Moffat. You drop your ice cream on the floor-blame Moffat. You get a paper cut-blame Moffat. ALWAYS BLAME MOFFAT!

Bwhahah and this is why I love #10!

David Tennant - wanted to be the Doctor and succeeded. Also married the Doctor's daughter. That's a dedicated fan. << and gave him a granddaughter. This is the most perfect thing ever. Marry a Doctor?

My jokes go unappreciated because I'm nerdy.

That's our Captain Jack! Excuse the curse word but it is so true. I feel like I constantly am making excuses for being nerdy. I love being nerdy!

(gif set) "Prince Harry" and John Barrowman do a High-Five/Butt Slap Combo

mamapeterson: hides-in-the-shadows: ...

mamapeterson: “ hides-in-the-shadows: “ silentauroriamthereal: “ peacelovehappinessandwriting: “ jamesfactscalvin: “ mrshudsonstolemytardis: “ Prince Harry and John Barrowman both do a mutual high.

Yes that is John Barrowman smacking Prince Harry’s butt ~~on that same note, that's Prince Harry smacking John Barrowman's butt.

Prince Harry and John Barrowman both do a mutual high five/butt slap combo omg. Can we just appreciate that John smacked Prince Harry’s royal butt so hard that the guy actually had to rub himself a little while John waves his hand.

John Barrowman: The Gayest Gay to ever gay.

I just love 'The Gayest gay to ever gay' bahaha John Barrowman is the definition of fabulous.«««There is a video of John Barrowman and David Tennant kissing I LOVE IT