Ich bin mehr gebrochen, als Sie denken. -- I'm more broken than you think .

Ich bin mehr gebrochen, als Sie denken.

I feel so sad right after a break up that I wish I could lay in bed all day and sleep and cry.

I could honestly stay in my bed for the rest of eternity. the feeling of depression.

I think i know some people who are really like this. they wear a mask.

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People think I started getting emotional (angry, sad, hurt etc.) But really its the same way ive felt all my life under different circumstances, its just i dont hide behind a mask anymore and I let my emotions show, I feel free.

Kiss 6 – Tappan

Kiss 6

Drawings inspired by photographs of kissing couples including Ed Templeton's book Teenage Kissers, Weegee's images of lovers at the movie theater and various others.

The feels WTF

This is how it feels to be the third wheel >>> As they get closer, you are being torn apart. The guy who's about to get torn apart is the male version of me.

O encaixe perfeito, ali�s, mais-que-perfeito!

Regards Coupables: A Series Of Sexy Illustrations By A French Artist

A French artist is responsible for minimalist suggestive illustrations under the moniker of Regards Coupables.

the day will come when the darkness is the only friend you have left...

art, depressed, depression, drawing, hugging Even our shadow leaves us when we are surrounded by darkness