Table flowers

peonies in a ball jar. dad collects jars and his mom's favorite flowers were peonies.


I like the pink peonies with the grey background. Peonies are such bright, happy flowers

Weddings: ZsaZsa Bellagio

just love this light pink peonies how beautiful Im planting as soon as we get our home so maybe I can make my own bouquet

love peonies. their heavy heads in my hand.  my mom used to grow them at our old house where she had cultivated these amazing flowers. i used to walk through and just run my hands over all the feathery petals of all the different flowers.  i miss that.

Sunday bliss..

my FAVORITE flower! I can't wait for them to be in bloom! Missed it last year with all the hectic wedding stuff.

Lovely peonies.

I am currently waiting patiently for the peonies to bloom here in the Pacific Northwest. Oh, how I love the beauty of these evanescent blooms – the blushing femininity and endless layers of delicat…

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