Connor, your eyes <3 I remember when he was asked what color his eyes were he responded "Green with yellow suns..teehee!"

Look at this emerald green eyes. The man behind them is Connor Franta. The cutest 21 yrs old I've ever seen!

whyyyyyyy????? ):

Connor, I have loved you since day 1 and will always love you♡ I will stand by your decision even though we will miss you deeply♡ but thanks for smiling when you didn't want to just to make us happy. We will always love you♡

#connorfranta <3

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Connor smiles at the ground as if he doesn't know he's beautiful

Connor Franta, I am so damn proud of you. you made a decision that was right for you and i will support you everyday.

He's just beautiful. He's changed my life

Connor Franta, he kinda looks like Troye upside down.


Wise words from my man, Connor Franta also he's so attractive. oh my gosh<<<I KNOW RIGHT I think I just exploded oh god

I Would Soo Love To Wake Up Next To Connor!!!! HELL YES!

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