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Australia is the number 1 place I want to visit before I die. Product Placement Opportunity in The Hollywood Reporter's Power 100 Women in Entertainment Gift Bag - http://www.cloud21.com/2/hollywood-reporters-power-100-women-entertainment-gift-bag-opportunity

Sydney, Australia (But of course when I go, I'd wanna find P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.


- visit Abbey Road with 3 of my friends and recreate the Beatles' cover

Visit Australia Zoo.

Done in the summer of Recommended to revisit one and feel the changes. Countless zoos visited since childhood. The zoo in Melbourne amazed me to get in close touch with kangaroos and other species, although I knew little and remembered nothing special.

Fine p. sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney

sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney p. sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney p. sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney p. sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney ~ Dory

I have always wanted to go here with my mom. She has wanted to go to Australia for as long as I can remember and I would love to finally give her her dream and live it with her.

TOP 10 Largest Countries In The World

NEED to do this!!!!!!!!!!  Summer trip? - I thinks so!

Moses Bridge This sunken bridge designed by Ro & AD Architects from the Netherlands, has in fact parted waters. The bridge is in the Netherlands and it is the most practical and fun way of accessing the stunning century fortress.

go on a disney cruise  | go on a disney cruise..... | Bucket List

go on a disney cruise. The hubby went on one when he was a kid. I hope to take the kids someday!


Volunteer/Service - I've always wanted to adopt a dog from the shelter but my parents don't like the idea, and I've seen many videos and one day I want to help these cute animals